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Troika Puzzle Stand

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Looking for the perfect stand to display your CRYPT3D Troika puzzles? Look no further than the Troika Puzzle Stand. These stands are designed specifically for our impossible objects and will perfectly showcase them in all their glory. Our stands are 3D-printed and made from the sustainable "GreenTEC Pro" material by the Austrian brand Extrudr. This eco-friendly material is sourced from 100% renewable raw materials, making it fully biodegradable. We offer these stands in a sleek matt black finish that elegantly complements our CRYPT3D puzzles. Don't settle for a generic stand – upgrade to the Troika Puzzle Stand today and give your puzzles the display they deserve.

Add a stand for your CRYPT3D Troika puzzles to perfectly showcase your impossible objects.

Our stands are available in matt black and elegantly complement our CRYPT3D puzzles.


3d printed from the sustainable “GreenTEC Pro” material by the Austrian brand Extrudr. GreentTEC Pro is sourced from 100% renewable raw materials (in our case lignin) and fully biodegradable.


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