Origin Story

After successfully crowdfunding our mechanical puzzle, CRYPT3D, on Kickstarter, we are beyond excited to share with you our desirable objects. 

UNLIMIT3D is our passion project – our curation of all things metal. Precious, handcrafted and timeless. Highly customised, uniquely yours.

UNLIMIT3D’s founder, Edgar, has over 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing of high-quality mechanical parts. His passion for creative problem-solving, rapid prototyping and building interesting as well as pretty metal things led to us showcasing our beautiful products.

Origin Story of Edgar and his mechanical puzzles the Crypt3d


In a small workshop, together with a team ranging from apprentices to golden-agers, we aspire to give it our all – from ideation, design process, prototyping, hits and some misses to a finished product we all can be proud of.

We take great pride in manufacturing locally and in cooperating with our supportive network of established partners within our region. We know our way around manufacturing technologies, and we are eager to get things done!

Join us on our journey or even better – become a part of it! Say hi, drop us a line or two or send us postcards (which we adore).

We love delivering solutions – this is our speciality!