Customise it!

You have got an idea and want to run us through your design vision?
We are happy to help!

Together with our team of machinists, young and experienced, we are passionate about bringing your idea to life. We have extensive experience delivering customised items for you and your clients – single products or series production.

From plain idea to finished product – with strong support from our regional partners, we can take you every step along the way. We also offer 3D-printing services, and manufacturing of polymer precision parts.

All products are manufactured in our family-owned workshop. Our workforce produces, fine-tunes, assembles and quality-tests each piece in our workshop. We rely on our work(wo)men and their fantastic skillset, their decade-long experience and knowledge.

We take great pride in manufacturing inhouse and in cooperating with our supportive network of established partners within our region.

From young apprentice to golden ager – everyone in our workshop has done their fair share contributing to the final product. Teamwork makes the dream work!

For more information please contact us at We are excited to support you in kickstarting your project!

personalised dices


Customise it!