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Tip Top Coffee Table

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Industrial Aesthetics, Refined Craftsmanship: Introducing our modern coffee table, a harmonious blend of industrial vibes and elegant design elements. Drawing upon more than two decades of manufacturing excellence, this piece exemplifies modern furniture artistry.

Robust Framework: The table's structure, ingeniously crafted from steel pipes, stands testament to durability and stability. Measuring at a precise 400x400x400 mm, it's just the right size to fit seamlessly into various spaces, be it your living room, study, or lounge.

Transverse Design: What sets this table apart is its transverse pipe arrangement. This unique design ensures that the table presents a visually arresting look from every conceivable angle, adding dynamism to any room.

Exquisite Tabletop: The table is crowned with a safety glass plate, renowned for its strength and resilience. Its sophisticated cutting finish adds a touch of elegance, making it as much a decorative masterpiece as a functional piece.

Colorful Choices: Tailor the table to your décor theme with a choice of three vibrant colors: bold red, tranquil blue, or pristine white. Each shade has been carefully chosen to enhance the table's aesthetic appeal while complementing a wide range of interior styles.


  • Precision-engineered steel pipes for superior durability.
  • Unique transverse pipe arrangement ensures a captivating look from every angle.
  • Robust safety glass plate with a refined cutting finish.
  • Available in three chic colors to suit varied décor preferences.
  • Compact dimensions allow for versatile placement options.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces ensure the table remains a centerpiece for years.

A Statement Piece: Whether you're a lover of industrial design or someone with an eye for contemporary elegance, this coffee table promises to be a conversation starter, blending functionality with unmatched style.

Order now and bring home a blend of industrial charm and modern-day elegance.



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