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The PAIR Wedding Gift - Set of Two Dices in Copper and Brass

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The PAIR Wedding Gift is a beautiful set of two dices made from stunning copper and brass materials. These dices are individually engraved and can be mixed and matched to match the tastes of any happy couple. This personalized touch makes them the perfect wedding gift for that special couple. The lucky charms come in one brass and one copper dice, adding an elegant touch to any home or event. With the option to add your own personalized message, you can give a truly unique and thoughtful engraved gift that will be cherished for years to come. Plus, the set comes with a 3D printed stand, making it easy to display and admire. Don't miss out on this stunning set that will bring joy to any newlywed couple's life.

These individually engraved beauties can be mixed and matched as the happy couple might be. So they make the perfect wedding gift with a personal touch.

Our lucky charms come one in brass and one in copper. Add your own personalised message and give a great engraved gift!

Of course it comes with a 3D printed stand!

personalised engraving


1Dice in Copper
1Dice in Brass


2 Dices a 24 x 24 x 24 mm

Care Instructions