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Kiosque - the metal ring magazine rack for your newspapers

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Introducing Kiosque - the ultimate magazine rack for your reading pleasure! This hand-polished aluminum ring is the perfect way to store and display your favorite magazines and books. The sleek and customizable design make it a statement piece in any living room or office. Plus, you can engrave your own personal message on the ring to give it an extra personalized touch. Choose from black or gold finishes, and pick between navy green velvet or royal red velvet for the smooth cloth fabric. Each Kiosque has a radius of 160mm and is 20mm thick, ensuring durability and longevity. Installing your Kiosque is easy with the elegant black nail and standard dowel included. Don't let clutter ruin your space - get your Kiosque today!

Stow away your reading pleasures in this customizable kiosque. Not only a looker for your living room it can hold your favorite magazines and books at arm's length.

This handpolished aluminium ring can be engraved with your personal message. The ring comes in black or gold and the smooth cloth comes in navy green velvet or royal red velvet manufactured by our talented seamstress.

Ring radius 160mm and 20mm thick.

Will be held on your wall with an elegant black nail and standard dowel.

personalised engraving


made of air-craft grade aluminum
smoothed by hand
glass bead blasted


Care Instructions