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FIVE mini - Set of 5 Mini Stainless Steel Dice

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Introducing FIVE mini - Set of 5 Mini Stainless Steel Dice! These dice are a must-have for any board game lover. The set includes five perfectly crafted mini dice made from high-quality stainless steel that fits comfortably in your hand and measures 16x16x16 mm in size.

With FIVE mini dice by your side, you'll never have to worry about rolling poorly again! These miniature dice offer the perfect balance and weight that ensures an honest roll every time. Designed to deliver a touch of class to your gaming experience, our dice are not only functional but also aesthetic. They make a great impression and add a touch of elegance to any gaming session.

You can even go one step further and personalize your dice. Our mechanical engraving service allows you to etch your name or initials on one side. This makes it easy to identify your dice during gameplay and adds a personal touch of elegance to your set.

Please note that these dice should not be rolled on sensitive surfaces. Your set comes with 6 number sides, but we encourage you to add your personalized touch with our specialized engraving service. Enjoy rolling around with your new FIVE mini - Set of 5 Mini Stainless Steel Dice today!

With our set of 5 mini stainless steel dice, a little bit of luck will always be on your side!

Dice dimensions are 16x16x16 mm and feel quiet right in your hand.

You will never have to anxiously roll your dice again because with these beauties you are already winning. This set will certainly leave a lasting impression. Not to be rolled on sensitive surfaces.

Use the chance to mechanical engrave your own specific personalisation on one side. In case you don´t opt for personalised engraving, the dice comes with 6 number sides.

It comes with your 3d-printed dice stand and makes a great eye-catcher on any desk.

Set of 5 mini dice, made of stainless steel, hand polished surface.

personalised engraving


milled out of a solid block of stainless steel


5 pieces a 16x16x16mm

Care Instructions