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CRYPT3D Puzzle Sonic Silver

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The CRYPT3D Puzzle Sonic Silver is the perfect puzzling addition to your collection. Crafted with exquisite detail, the puzzle boasts a beautiful silver finish and features three distinct colors - fiery red, sonic silver, and mustard golden - each with their own unique opening mechanism. The puzzle also comes with a standard engraving inside, but you can make it truly personalized by typing in your own message. The triangular stand makes it an excellent decorative item for your desk or coffee table. Enjoy hours of fun solving this challenging and visually stunning mechanical puzzle.

Our beautiful mechanical puzzle in a silver finish. 

Each colour (fiery red, sonic silver, mustard golden) has their own opening mechanism.

Comes with a standard engraving inside.

To add a personalisation, type your message below.  

A triangular stand makes it a great table object.

personalised engraving


made of air-craft grade aluminum
smoothed by hand
glass bead blasted
made to last and stand the test of time
extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and lightweight



Care Instructions