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CRYPT3D Cl3inod is your perfect hiding space for all things precious. Comes in emerald green. Secret compartment inside.

Cl3inod derives from the Middle High German name kleinōt (for “small thing”). Initially, it referred to a finely processed object. Cl3inod is pronounced /ˈklaɪ̯nˌʔoːt/. Today it bears the meaning to be anything considered precious or valuable.

  • Cl3inod is a large dovetail puzzle with a magnetic solving mechanism, it entails a storage unit suitable for small keys, jewellery or your favourite chocolate candy.
  • Cl3inod is a perfect desk companion ready to boost your motivation and creativity.

    personalised engraving


    made of air-craft grade aluminum
    smoothed by hand
    glass bead blasted
    made to last and stand the test of time
    extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and lightweight



    Care Instructions