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Tippe Top - Spontaneously Inverting Spinning Top

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Introducing the Tippe Top, the spontaneously inverting spinning top that will fascinate both the young and the young at heart. This amazing gadget not only turns horizontally but also spins vertically, which is made possible by a patent from 1891. The Tippe Top is made of high-quality air-craft grade aluminum and comes in a stunning red anodization that guarantees durability and longevity. You can also opt to check out the Tippe Top XXL in gold to add some glamour to your collection. Top it off with a 3D printed stand, and you have a perfect desk companion that never fails to entertain. Get your hands on the Tippe Top now and be amazed by its unbelievable behavior!

This Tippe Top not only turns horicontally but also spins vertically. How does it happen?
A patent from 1891 gives you the right explanation.

Check out the Tippe Top XXL in gold!

Choose a 3D printed stand as cool option to make this gadget a great desk companion.



made of air-craft grade aluminum
smoothed by hand


Diamter 29mm

Care Instructions