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Triangle Solitaire - Aluminum Artistry Edition

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Classic Game, Contemporary Craftsmanship: Dive into nostalgia with our Tricky Triangle game, reimagined for the modern aficionado. With over two decades of expertise in manufacturing high quality mechanical parts, we present to you a time-honored game, rendered with unparalleled precision and design sensibilities.

Materials & Finish: Skillfully CNC milled from a solid block of premium-grade aluminum, the game board boasts a sleek, lustrous black anodized finish. The subtle sheen not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability, making it resistant to scratches, wear, and corrosion.

Luxury Pegs: Elevate your gaming experience with our beautiful metal pegs. Available in a curated palette of black, brass, silver, and copper, these pegs are not just play pieces, but art objects in their own right. Their weight and feel in hand further amplify the pleasure of the game.

Personal Touch: Add a signature mark to your Tricky Triangle with our laser engraving option. Whether it's a name, date, or a special message, customize your piece with up to 30 characters to make it uniquely yours or to give it a personal touch as a memorable gift.

Unique Gifting Option: Looking for a perfect gift that marries classic entertainment with modern aesthetics? Our Tricky Triangle, especially with the added touch of personalization, is an ideal choice. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events, it’s bound to be a conversation starter.


  • CNC milled for precision and a seamless appearance.
  • Anodized finish for enhanced durability and visual appeal.
  • Four peg colors offer touch of sophistication.
  • Slip-resistant base ensures stability during play.
  • Compact design makes it travel-friendly.
  • Ideal for both individual challenges and social gatherings.

Rediscover the Joy: Whether you're an enthusiast of brain-teasing puzzles or someone who relishes in the charm of classic games, our Tricky Triangle promises hours of engrossing gameplay and aesthetic pleasure.

Order now and indulge in the perfect fusion of tradition, modern craftsmanship, and personal sentiment.

personalised engraving


made of air-craft grade aluminum
made to last and stand the test of time
extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and lightweight



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